Director General of INEGE has participated in the 49th session of the statistical committee of United Nations

Permanent Mission of Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations , Mon, Mar 12, 2018

by José Enzeñ Obiang and Ester Mbomio Lagar

Equatorial Guinea to be a member of the United Nations, is part of the Statistical Commission of that Organization, participating in the annual evaluation that takes place in the city of New York, through the National Institute of Statistics INEGE, whose Director General Ricardo Nsue Ndemensogo, has participated in the debates on Data and indicators in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Manual of Statistical Organization, Household Surveys, Development of Regional Statistics, National Accounts, Environmental and Economic Accounting, Statistics on Economies Based on Natural Resources, Agricultural Strategies and Rural, Labor and Employment Statistics, Statistics on Climate Change, Statistics on Disability, and Working Methods of the Statistical Commission.

During the work corresponding to the 49th edition, the Nsue Ndemensogo has signed the extension of the technical cooperation agreement between the National Institute of Statistics of Equatorial Guinea and the Institute of Statistics and Informatics of Peru, in order to continue sharing experiences in statistical matters, in fields such as Accounting and Household Surveys.

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