Equatorial Guinea congratulated the United Nations Organization for its support to the Government and people of Haiti towards development

Permanent Mission of Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations , Thu, Apr 5, 2018

by José Enzeñ Obiang

The issue concerning Haiti has been addressed by the 15 member states that make up the security council, in order to document the work in the field of the United Nations Mission, by Jean-Pierre La Croix, Secretary General Deputy for humanitarian issues, and follow the recommendations of the representatives of the member states.

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea, having thanked the report, lamented in the first place the adversities that this country has suffered, from natural disasters to political complications.

After congratulating the port taken by the United Nations Mission in Haiti, Ambassador Anatolio Ndong Mba, accompanied by his First Deputy Job Obiang Esono Mbengono and Political Coordinator Víctor Elé Ela, congratulated the Government of Haiti for The political goodwill and leadership demonstrated during the year that, as he continued, will lead to a transition at the end of next year, in which the team of countries of the United Nations System Agencies would fully assume their role of supporting the development of that country.

Anatolio Ndong Mba ended his speech explaining that in a process like the one Haiti is embarking on, it is necessary to take into consideration the limiting factors that may hinder this exercise. In this sense, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea attracts the attention of the United Nations and the International Community about the situation of cholera that persists in Haiti, so that urgent measures can be taken to save human lives.

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