Security Council met on Yemen with the contribution of Equatorial Guinea

Permanent Mission of Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations , Thu, Mar 1, 2018

by José Enzeñ Obiang and Ester Mbomio Lagar

The situation of disagreement among the members of the Security Council was expressed on Monday, with the Veto presented by the Russian Federation, to draft resolution S / 18/156, regarding the implementation of mechanisms leading to the establishment of Peace in Yemen. A peace that would imply an immediate cessation of confrontations in that member country of the United Nations, a situation that has led several members of the Council to regret the result of the vote, described as negative, then giving several recommendations for the parties in conflict continue negotiating in order to normalize the situation, if we take into account that the situation in Yemen threatens peace, has pointed out the representation of Great Britain in his speech.

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea was represented at that 8,190th meeting of the Security Council, by Permanent Representative Anatolio Ndong Mba, First Deputy Representative Job Obiang Esono Mbengono, and several Councilors.

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