The Government defines the events that occurred in the country as an act of international terrorism

Permanent Mission of Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations , Sat, Jan 13, 2018

by José Enzeñ Obiang and Clemente Ela Onguene

The Minister has started the meeting wishing the meeting a happy 2018: "I have not had the opportunity to do it because I was absent from the country and it is coincidental that this is our first meeting; We hope all the best to continue working closely as we have been doing. Equatorial Guinea is open to all of you and to the other countries that can join us because we want to be an active actor in the international community that contributes to peace and global security. Happy birthday to all of you, to your families, to your work members and their respective countries, "said Mba Mokuy.

"In this meeting it is important to clarify the current situation of the country, and based on the information, we thought that it was an attempt of national destabilization. Now, that we have more information, it is difficult to speak of a coup d'état. This is not a coup for the moment because the information we have is that there are mercenaries and terrorists of different nationalities who are being coordinated and financed by citizens who are not necessarily from Equatorial Guinea.

In the language of the international community we call this international terrorism; I want to clarify this point, because for the moment the elements we have do not lead us to the conclusion that it is a coup d'état; but of international terrorism, which involves certain citizens of different nationalities in a criminal act that is being organized against the people of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea from abroad.

Evidently there is a complicity of a few Equatoguineans and, when these few Equatoguineans have been investigated, they are not people who can be described as important to talk about a coup d'état. Maybe these few who could be involved are part of this international terrorism. Therefore, we want to clarify that what is happening at the moment in Equatorial Guinea is an act of international terrorism, for which we ask for the support as we are having so far of the entire international community to help Equatorial Guinea to continue with this fight against international organized terrorism, "said the Chancellor.

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